There Is No Way You Are Going To Get Denied.

There Is No Way You Are Going To Get Denied.



We at Wilson law Firm SFL always base our arguments on solid data and facts.

Personal injuries are those that happen to you physically, emotionally and mentally. This is different from those which affect your property. You are entitled to compensation if there is a prima facie evidence. Personal injuries don’t have to be the result of malicious actions or with intention to harm you. These may be due to negligence, equipment malfunction, or when a branch of the tree falling on your head which we call circumstances beyond our control.

You might walk on the sidewalk and a protruding wooden fence caused a serious injury on your legs or your toddler is playing in the roller pony ride and the equipment suddenly loses one of its rollers causing your child to feel and bumps his or head on the tiled floor. There are too many things that might injure you and what are you going to do? You can contact us at Wilson Law Firm SFL and we will advise you on the best course of action you can take.

It’s not just physical it can also be mental or emotional injuries. Your dog may have been run over by a car. Aside from the loss of the dog itself, you will also emotionally affected by it. It might be also that somebody insulted you in front of many others; that is a mental injury. Sleepless nights, mental anguish and emotional disturbance are cases which you can claim compensation.

We at Wilson Law Firm SFL, has been exposed to these kinds of situations every day. Our expertise and expertise is beyond question. Our clients never lost a case. We have been around for several years and we know the laws pertaining to personal injuries like the back of our hands.

We don’t confrontational technique in handling your case. We always use the friendly approach when approaching the people who caused the injury. If they and their attorney will settle amicably we will present them your medical and hospitalization needs. Temporary loss of income will also be taken into account. There’s no need to bring the incident to court as long as we can arrive to an agreement which we don’t call favorable to you but what is yours rightfully.

The insurance company may try to convince you not to contact any lawyer because they can supply you with one free of charge. They may also tell you that they can expedite your claim in just a few days since they have a smooth working relationship with the lawyer they just have given you. The truth is that the lawyer is their own contact.

Believe me, you’ll get more even if you hire us. If they won’t give you the money, according to our computation, then we will see them in court. Our claim will be based on actual computation supported by a doctor’s affidavit stating that we have the correct and accurate figures. We will also secure from your accountant, your daily wages and what you stand to lose if you stop working for several days. Of course we will include our legal case.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale will present all to the court and what can they do to rebut this. You’re safe with us at Wilson Law Firm SFL where everything we do is based on facts and none on hearsays.

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