We Play by the Rules While Being Exceptional At Doing Our Job

We Play by the Rules While Being Exceptional At Doing Our Job

We Play by the Rules While Being Exceptional At Doing Our Job


legal help for premises liability by personal injury Attorney, Paul Wilson

Wilson Law Firm SFL knows what your priorities are

The effectiveness of your personal I jury in handling your claim will spell the difference between how much compensation the insurance company will release with regards to your claim. The better the lawyer in rattling them and giving them a hard time during the claims proceeding the more agreeable they will be in giving you the amount you want. They don’t want an expensive court battle and the resulting bad publicity that might happen because of it.

There are several kinds of claims that you can file against your insurance company if they don’t settle in good faith. Your personal injury lawyer should be able to explore all the avenues as a result of the injuries you have received. There are injuries that only require one claim, but there are those that will warrant several claims.

What do I mean by this? You met an accident that requires doctor attendance and no hospitalization is needed. You go back to work right away and there’s no income loss on your part. Your injuries were minor and there were no long term complications.

There are also accidents which are serious and you suffer a lot because of it. You required several days of hospitalization and treatment. After your release from the hospital are advised by your doctor to rest some more in your house and to continue to take more medications. In this case your claim will include loss income aside from hospitalization, medication and doctor’s fee.

After returning to work you noticed that you are not feeling well and you decided to have a medical check up again. When the results were released you were diagnosed with another illness that has a connection with the accident. You might not be able to work anymore and will need more treatment. Your personal injury lawyer will file another claim against your insurance company.

Personal injury lawyers work very hard and they are very aggressive in pursuing your claims.  You may not like them when you are at the receiving end, but when you hire them to work for you, you will be glad how in they do about doing their job. The public perception of injury lawyers may not be kind, but wait until you need one and you will know that you have made the right decision in having one to represent you.

Our personal injury lawyers at Wilson Law Firm SFL are aggressive, but we don’t use dirty and dishonest tactics. We abide by the rule and we are very good at it. Because of our expertise and long years of practice, we can easily spot if there’s something dishonest going on. We are not trying to accuse anybody of wrong doings, but sometimes during the legal proceedings there are mistakes that are bound to happen and they should be corrected in the name of fair play.

You can rely on the reliability and honesty of our Miami personal injury lawyer. Your priorities are also our priorities. We know you’ll need the money fast.


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