Hiring A Personal Lawyer Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Hiring A Personal Lawyer Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Hiring A Personal Lawyer Is The Best Thing You Can Do



Wilson Law Firm SFL has full knowledge about all kinds of statute of limitations

Do you need help? Have you been injured and until now still waiting for your insurance money? You may be waiting for nothing? If you don’t have a personal injury lawyer and depend on the insurance adjuster to take care of your claim, the statute of limitations may expire on you and you there goes your medical and hospital payments.

What is a statute of limitations? It’s the deadline where you can file a lawsuit. There are time limits where most lawsuits can be filed. After the time has elapsed on you, your right to file a case isn’t legal anymore.  This is very important in case of personal injuries. You are only allowed to file a case 2 years after the injury happened.

The insurance adjuster may be delaying your claim intentionally, hoping that the statute of limitations may expire on you. You should not rely on any insurance representation to file your personal injury claim in your behalf. It’s a very risky proposition on your part. It’s like asking your enemy for a bullet so that you can shoot him back.

It may be also that there was no apparent injury right after the accident happened, but later on upon doctor’s examination, it was diagnosed that an injury related to the accident was discovered. You have one year to file the court upon discovery and after that the statute of limitation will run out on you.

The first thing you should do after you suffer injury or property loss due to negligence or direct actions of others is to hire a personal injury lawyer. They are experts on injury laws and they can help you make the person or organization responsible to pay you for your present misery. If the person or organization refuses to pay you then your personal injury lawyer can bring them to court.

If on the other hand the person or organization was prevailed upon by your lawyers to pay you through their insurance, which I’m sure upon the advice of the lawyers also, then your lawyer will now deal directly with the insuring company. The person may not like to fight a protracted case against you since they will have to pay their lawyers for their services. If they lose, they will pay double. They will have to pay their lawyers and you. Bur by simply asking their insurance to pay you, they can avoid a lot of headaches and expenses.

Now it’s up to the insurance company to deal with your personal injury lawyer. They can either make it easy on their part by paying the rightful amount to you or they can refuse or is willing only to pay a much reduced compensation. Your personal lawyer then can file a case against them with the court to let them pay the amount you’ve been asking.

You can see how tortuous the road towards getting your insurance claim and without a personal injury lawyer helping you, chances are that you will be deprived of the amount of what is rightfully yours. Call us right away at Wilson Law Firm SFL and we will assign you our Miami personal injury lawyer to assist you. We have been handling cases such as yours for several years now and we can assure you that you will get the maximum amount you’ve asked for. We  will see to it.






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