Our Aim Is To Give You the Money You Rightfully Deserve

Our Aim Is To Give You the Money You Rightfully Deserve

Our Aim Is To Give You the Money You Rightfully Deserve


Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale



Wilson Law Firm SFL can help you win your claim without spending anything

Personal injury law is the branch of law that deals with wrongful act. If you are the victim, either resulting in physical injury or property loss, you have the right to ask for compensation.  If the plaintiff or plaintiffs refuse to act on your request, you can ask a personal injury attorney to act on your behalf. He or she will take care of the collection and will see to it that you will get the exact amount based on the expenses you incurred as a result of your injury or property damage.

Sometimes you’d read about personal injury attorneys winning large settlements for their clients and you can’t help but utter bad comments about them. You’d call them also unpleasant names, accusing them  of living off of the misery of others. The important thing to remember here is who suffered the most. Who’s the real victim in the accident?

There are many instances that you get injured due to careless acts of others. You’re walking on the sidewalk when you suddenly tripped on a toy left there by one of the kids in that neighborhood. Or, a dog suddenly bit you on your legs. It might be that somebody riding a bicycle bumped you from behind. While in a mall you were hit with a train of grocery carts.

You’re healthy and you’re enjoying your day and though it’s no fault of your own you find yourself in a hospital faced with huge amounts of doctor and medical bills. Are you just going to use your insurance to pay for all the expenses? This is where you’ll begin to think of asking the help of an attorney. No juts any but a personal injury attorney.

It’s not easy to deal with insurance companies. They know every trick in the book.  It’s the job of personal injury attorneys to do the same.    You’d ask me who is worse, the insurance companies or personal injury attorneys? It’s difficult to answer that without being accused of being biased. However, as the case drags on you’ll feel relieved knowing that you have somebody on your side that’s wise in the ways of handling your case and winning it for you.

Personal injury attorneys only react to what insurance companies do. All the claims they present are based on facts. They secure the amount of the doctors’ fees and medical expense. They also get expert opinion on emotional stress and calculate them into financial value. Included is lost income, etc. You didn’t want to be in a condition where you are after the accident. Your lawyer knows that and the insurance companies know that.

When settlement couldn’t be reached outside the court, the judge will decide the case. This is where it really counts. This is where the real fight happens. Our Wilson Law Firm SFL, has handled a lot of this type of cases. We were always able to get a verdict in favor of our clients. Our hard working personal injury attorney Fort Lauderdale is on top of the situation always backed up by our entire law firm.

We always work that way. We work as a team. We assist each other to come up with the best strategy and arguments. Call us at our Wilson Law Firm SFL and ask for a free advice concerning your case. You don’t spend anything g until the case is decided in your favor.










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